Your Donations

You as a donor are the most important person in the equation.

Our role is only to connect you with the recipients.
You decide if you want to use your funds towards:

• An orphan

• Education

• Health improvement

• Women’s ward

• Equipment and medication

• Entrepreneurship

• Poverty reduction

• Providing access to fresh water

• Waste management and pollution control

• Miscellaneous projects

How to make a donation

You can donate by cash, cheque or click below to donate using a credit card.

Tax deductible receipts will be issued.

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ZIDO in Action

ZIDO is involved in several projects to combat hunger, purchase equipment for the disabled, help malnourished babies, disseminate information on health issues

ZIDO has partnered with hospitals, orphanages, school for the disabled, hotels, village schools to empower the people of Zanzibar, donate essential equipment and save the environment.

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