Get Involved

Get involved and make a difference

We are dedicated to help underprivileged children, families and communities remove poverty, built a better future and become sefl-sufficient.

Our grass-root programs focus on poverty reduction, improved health care, better education opportunities, gender equity, micro financing, digging water wells, agriculture, preserving the environment

Fundraise for a Well

Get involved by raising funds within your community. Keep their buckets full and water supply flowing.
Bring water into hundreds of homes in the villages by collecting funds on our behalf.
A well can be constructed in memory of a loved one or in the name of your community.

Water for Schools

Help build a well near a school to provide students water for drinking, washing and bathing.

The well shown below was built by us through your generous donations, and it provides the school and over 400 homes with water. Wells similar to this one lasts 12-15 years.

Improve Education Standards

You can get involved by spending few minutes daily or weekly communicating with students and teachers.
This simple exercise can improve students’ self-confidence and English communication skills, which makes it esier for them to find jobs and communicate at a national and global level.