Our Projects

Ramadhan Groceries:

We are currently in the process of purchasing and packing $100,000 U.S. dollars worth of groceries for the month of Ramadhan.


  • In 2015, we completed 2 women’s wards, a gynecology ward, an emergency at Kivunge Hospital.
  • In March 2016, we completed and opened men’s ward and have started the renovation of a children’s ward at Makunduchi hospital. Work will be completed by June 2016
  • In February ZIDO donors have donated 20 reclining beds at Makunduchi hospital to help patients with cardiac and respiratory complications requiring them to be in an upright positon for an extended period of time
  • With the help of our generous donors, ZIDO provides medication for conditions like high blood pressure, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes, asthma and other illnesses. We also provide the hospital with oxygen concentrators to help patients with a need of oxygen and those requiring transfer to the main hospital in Stone Town.
  • Volunteer dentists from the U.K. and mainland Tanzania visited Kiongoni primary school to do an dental assessment. Of the 300 students screened, we were happy to learn that 40% are cavity-free, 25% need to have pulpotomy (baby root-canal treatment sealed with stainless steel crowns), and the rest need fillings or extractions. The 2 dentists will return in the summer with their team members for 5 days bringing their own mobile units, portable dental chairs, and all supplies necessary for the procedures. It is their goal that after 2 or 3 such visits, the entire school students will be completely cavity-free.We are extremely grateful to Dr. Jafferji and Dr.Sheriff who came here especially for the event, volunteered their time and services and at no cost to the project or the community members and we look forward to a school with students that are 100% cavity free.

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  • The computer and Language labs completed in 2015 are being used to teach students from the village of Makunduchi.

The courses are very popular and we are seeing a difference in the passing rates of the students.

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  • We continue to sponsor students to complete their undergraduate, graduate and technical degrees. Currently, we have 2 graduate students and 3 undergraduate students and 5 students completing their ‘Advance level’ courses.
  • ZIDO helps 4 schools in Makunduchi, Nungwi, Miwaleni and Stone Town to help them provide school bags, supplies, uniform and shoes. Priority is given to orphans and children who come from families facing extreme hardships.


ZIDO had so far built 15 wells in Zanzibar and we are in the process of building 3 more.

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Women’s projects:

We continue to help women become financially independent by helping them set up small businesses like making clay pots, small vegetable gardens, sewing machines and small grocery shops.

Women's Projects

Women are the backbone of most societies facing poverty. We look to empower women throughout the villages of Zanzibar with sustainable means to improve their family’s livelihood. Currently we have undertaken micro-funding initiatives that allow women to set-up small business ventures. We hope the newly found income will set the stage for increased growth in local commerce.

Serving The Orphans

Through your generous contributions, ZIDO has been able to continuously provide in many ways for Orphans throughout Zanzibar.

Saifa Orphanage, Stone Town
Fee Sabi-Lillah Orphanage, Stone Town

Health & Wellness

ZIDO has put substantial resources toward improving the overall conditions within the health sector in Zanzibar.

The following are a few examples of the illnesses citizens in Zanzibar face that ZIDO focuses on alleviating.

-Inadequate medication supplies (Hospitals & Clinics)

-Inadequate medical equipment (Hospitals & Clinics)

-High count of Hyper-tension (Blood Pressure)

Education Projects

We are sponsoring motivated village students to attend high school, university and medical colleges. After graduation, they will return to their home villages to serve their communities.

We offer after school programs and tutoring classes to prepare students for their national exams.

Water Accessibility

Since its inception, ZIDO has always put a very spirited effort into providing more reachable water foundations for the people of Zanzibar. With our donours help, we are proud to have built over 20 wells accross the island. Often required to travel several miles to reach a water source, the newly built wells have decreased the travel time neccessary to obtain water.