About Us

Who We Are

ZIDO is a Canadian registered, non-profit charitable organization. Our mission began in 2009 with a determined goal to improve the lives of the people of Zanzibar.

Through our local representative and dedicated volunteers in the villages, we aim to address health, educational, financial, agricultural and environmental issues facing the inhabitants of the island.

Our aim is to provide sustainable help and support to the population through our countless projects.

We are proud to operate with no administrative charges deducted from the donations you make. That’s correct, 100% of your donations go directly towards serving the people of Zanzibar!


Reyhana Merali, the founder of the organization, was born and raised in Zanzibar. Reyhana was educated in the U.K and then moved to Canada where she currently lives.

Reyhana worked as a project manager for International projects funded by CIDA at the University of Waterloo and York University for 13 years, before she decided to dedicate her time towards the Children of Zanzibar.

We have amazing and dedicated volunteers in town and in the villages who selflessly volunteer their time and services towards our project.

With your donations our volunteers ensure that all our activities are carried out smoothly and efficiently and completed in a timely manner.